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                         ABOUT US

                        WHO ARE WE ?

                            WHY US ?



Shoco Treats Resort LLC now (d.b.a) Shoco Treats Spa & Resort  is a Nature inspired  Spa Retreat,  founded by Shoco Plowright in 2016 in the State of Florida

Shoco Plowright a Mother a green thumb ,writer al vegan and a lover of nature .She grew up in the sunny side and country part of life in which she shares a true connection to the soil and the healing herbs of the earth . 

She has always had healing hands and words and loved taking care of her family members even at a very early age .

She then a later age dedicated her life and school work to esthetics , massage thearpy ,energy work and health and nutrition .

She decided to create a space ,a world  a beautiful Spa Retreat ,Resort  a place  where all those in search for healing , education ,  reconnecting spirtiually and  doing the necassay inner work  and ground work to heal the  body , mind and soul . 

Shoco Plowright believes in getting to the root of the cause to see which way the leaves will blow and which direction they will lead in or follow in their journey to  true health and prosperity . 

 A Place where families can come tour together as a vacation package , or a  3 night getaway with all the sight seeing ammenities and services rendered for their entire stay .  

From our secrect meditation and yoga grounds for chakra healing and balancing from our natural green house  where fresh , fruits and vegetables and healing herbs are grown ,

From our private garden shower fountain station and tubs for detoxification 

To out Vegan , nutrition station where fresh raw jucing is provided and renderd with a magnetic, energy field,  breakfast  ,lunch and dinner.

Our custom  Facial and massage steam rooms ,filled with aromatherapy and  fresh products made per each individual clients need .

Our exercise training station  comes with an hour master trainer instructor that specializes in stretching and mastering  your chi energy levels  and basic breathing techniques . Along the  beautiful garden of the nature inspired serenity youll get to view our exitic butterfly garden as you keep walking through the passageway you'll get to our view our  horse stable  of many things, our rabbit  and  turtle  playhouse  and the beautiful bluejay house with its sweet morning or afternoon  seranade  as you walk by . At the end you will meet the famous aruba bird the owl spieces called the Shoko which is very charming ,observant yet shy .

Its a beautiful setting that only your imagination will apreciate . And we want to make your every expereince beautiful , and make your most memorable moments with your family come true.The Shoco Treats Resort LLC  Shoco Treats is looking to make history as the first African American female to own a 100 % Vegan resort in the United States .

 Shoco Treats Spa Resort  LLC is a partnership hat specializes in advanced facial and body esthetics and procedures along with exercise and nutrition for overall health and wellness .

 Our purpose is to enhance your beauty and restore equilibrium back into the skin and into your overall everyday life for a more healthier , happier and fullfilling life .

We are 100 % Vegan, and  earth friendly company and environment all of our products are derived from raw fruits and vegetables, and rich herbs that are organically grown creating the best authentic  plant based oils, butters and creams.

 Our ingredients are the best in the world,  tested delicate, safe , certified ,effective and sensitive skin friendly .

 Our services are a pure delight and a treat to you for overall optimum state of health and wealthness in a stress free beautiful enviorment it is as if you are in another world.

We operate in a safe and friendly environment that caters specifically to each client or family's needs . Providing a one one free consultation and thearputic session to get to know our clients main concerns . We get to the root of the cause and start our restoral process from there .

We follow all guidelines and safety measures ,and we always want to ensure the highest quality level of service and experience upon your stay.We have been servicing  the Health & Wellness industry for over 5 Years  and operating as a mobile frontier for all special occasions and  private events. 

We currently have a main office in Coral Springs Florida and a Suite  that offers all  spa services ranging from  face and body and cosmetic techniques .

We provide services for men that promote  self preservation called Selfcare, Monday's and Sunday's giving him the space and privacy and stress free environment that is needed to obtain balanced  optimal health through preventive care .

 With over 50 certifications and techniques it is important for us to stay updated and keep you informed  on the latest trending technology and procedures in the health and beauty industry .

We have some of the Top trained therapist and  skincare professionals ,licensed and insured in the state of Florida .

  Our Slogan : Restore -Re . Rebuild  Renew . 

By renewing  your state of mind, you are starting the process to rebuild and reconnect to a new life and a new you !

It's never too late to manifest your greatness and elevate to your highest self .

Shoco Treats Spa Resort is a retreat and an experience like no place in the world .

Our  Goal :   A New Earth filled, Inspired Cabin Home Resort,  property to expand and our dream made  into reality for 2022 thru 2024 

Our Motto : Your greatest Wealth is your Health !   

-Shoco Treats 

Founder : Shoco Plowright 

See you soon.  

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Walk through the garden sit , sip read and breathe 

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