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Private Services

The Coulpes Wealthy and Healthy Vegan  Massage !

Is full of life and full of wealth.

A beautiful experience  that you both will never forget .

Happy together , healing together , healthier and wealthier TOGETHER .


The Couples "Wealthy Vegan Massage " is  one of our  top featured private services it is a wonderful rejuvenating experience, that is conquerd after the two of you are in spirtiual alingment and have physically, and mentally  detoxed the body and  mind .

It comes with your choice of organiclly grown herbs, picked from our garden and oils hand made to ensure its natually potency and to perserve it's richness.

You and your partner are then granted the choice to choose from our signature Meditation oil, Peppermint , oil, Oregano oil,Avocado oil, Organic Coconut  oil , Grapeseed oil , Extra Virgin Olive , Sweet Mandraian ,Lavender oil, Gree-Tea tree oil ,Blackseed oil  Gardenia ,Vanilla oil, Blueberry oil , Cherry oil, Lemon and Lime oil ,Vitamin c Orange oil , Rosemary oil  Moringa oil , Neem oil ,  100 % Raw Shea butter and  Coconut butter cream and 100 % Royal Jelly with our house all natural  Vegan Massage cream that is safe and sensitive skin friendly .

Options : Mobile arrangements - Pre booked by  Shoco Treats Management for , Hotel accomodations  for all special events  and occasions incliding holidays , in an indoor and outsoor setting and our staff will provide your own guest room services.

We specialize in exceptional  customer service and hospitality .

RATED 5 Stars by the State of Floridas Health & Wellness consumers choice.

Highly Reccomended .

Tropical Leaves

-  Shoco Treats 

''Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health''

Green Shake

Literally The Best Facial I've Ever Had !

Dont Hesitate to Book!

-Sasha Kay -Coral Springs Fl

“She was very thorough and attentive. Nice, tranquil atmosphere..just the kind of relaxation I needed. Will definitely be back!

Dana M Coral -Ft. Lauderdale Fl

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