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Vegan Trio


         Come inside and have a seat and enjoy real treats for the body  


Our Main feature on the resort is our  Plant Powered Cafe that is 100% Vegan .It gives our guest a complimentary fresh fruit ,and juicing option.Other delights include  lunch or dinner and herbal teas and refreshments  some available to purchase at membership discount . Our Cafe promotes the importance of internal wellness and shows the beauty of our outside and inhouse gardening  and the power that plants can have on your life . The Main focus is to show that the majority of the intake consumed is all about prepartaion and ingriedents ,you wont believe your eyes and your taste buds . And will regain energy like never before . - This part of  Shoco Treats Resort is exclusive and welcomed by our staff to enjoy and take full advantage of upon your stay and  as always.. Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health ! 


Herbal Teas & Tonics

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Our Herbal Teas are a delightful treat ! Our Teas's contain  powerful, super herbs,  that cleanses and promotes good blood circulation ,good gut health and overall  balanced immunity. Some of our most essential ingredients include ,Moringa Oleifera ,Turmeric,Neem, Wormwood ,Ginseng, Ashwagandha ,Aloe Vera, Sea Moss,Maca Root ,Changa Mushroom, Chaney Root , Slippery Elm Bark , Black Seed ( Nigella Sativa ) ,Mauby Bark, Vervain, Elderberries  Vitamin C, Aronia Berries ,Green Tea ,Echinacea, Vitamin D3,Burdock ,Peppermint ,Oregano ,Chamomile and Lavender ,and ofcourse our favorite Ginger Root .

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Food Garnishing Herbs

“Anti Imflamation 

& Good Gut Health

-Tumeric -Ginger -Cinnoman

Drink Life

Iron -Cellular-“Treating -Prevention-Protection- Full Power -FullBody & Mind

-Moringa Oliferia


Potent Antioidant

 Immune Booster Increases Energy Levels


Antioxdants -Regulates -

Duo -Fighter

“-Black Seed 


Brain -Lungs -Heart 

Super -Antioxidant  

Green Tea 

Chondrus Crispus

Nigella Sativa


Fertility -Libdo -Energy -Endurance

-Maca Root

       Women & Men  

 Skin Disorders  Muscle & Joint Pain

Full Respiratory

 Anti - Viral & Anti Fungal 

-Sea Moss 

Chondrus Crispus

Vitam C & D 3

Immune Building Rejuvenation 


“Wound Healing -Anti Aging-Reduce Imflamation & Pain


 Self Love & Self Care 

Chondrus Crispus

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Vegan & Plant Powered


With over 100 different soups to choose from on the vegan market .

We cater to your most popular home goodness and we also customized a few additions to your liking from the seasonings to adding or removing items of your choice . Our top soups of the day that you can catch Mon -Sun is ,Green Pea Plant soup , Sweet potato medley, Vegan Chilli , ChickPea Medley , Tomato and basil , Mushroom Mayhem and red pepper soup , Corn chowder ,Broccoli and potato soup , 9 bean soup ,  Purple Power soup ,Green Goddess soup , Asparagus soup . Zucchini & Squah soup , Eggplant soup , Cauliflower rosemary and basil noodle soup

      ( See details & ingredients )

Vegan & Plant Powered



Breakfast bowls range from a variety of different choices with the base being whole grain ,oats or granola.

If you dont like granola we have substitutes such as soft granola oats cheerios raisin and cranberry bran,cream of wheat ,banana porridge ,quiona , chai seeds mixed with fruit and your choice of oat milk ,almond milk or cashew milk . Our Acai bowls are blended with a chill ,topped with  a mixture of blueberries , strawberries , raspberries and orange juice ,topped  with your favorites ,such a  beautiful  and refreshing  energizing way to start your day .

If you are a early riser ,breakfast is a very important part of your day 

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Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health 


Natural Weightloss & Fat Burning Flush

Juicing Made Simple
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Fresh Organic Juicing made easy , some of our variety includes , moringa ,ginger and lemon ,pineapple celery , spinach , chard ,carrots, cauliflower, tomato , banana ,peaches, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries ,elderberries ,blackberries, apricots, figs, variety nuts blend with your vegan milk of choice (oat ,cashew,almond pecan , matcha , organic chocolate ,oranges ,tangerines,eggplant , boy chow, spinrilla , broccoli leeks, kale ,beets ,apple, mangos , watermelon ,honey dew melon, cherries,kwii, dates ,prunes passion fruit , dragonfruit , starfruit , pomegranate, aloe vera fruit .

Fresh Produce

Raw  & Fresh Organic  Produce 

Raw & Fresh Organic Produce /Fruit

You don't have to be a heavy breakfast eater to understand and know the importance of one piece of fruit a day . Knowing your intake and gaining a relationship with each fruit to appreciate its healing prosperity so that you may have better understanding and appreciation for its beneficial properties for the human body .

Every color of fruit represents a greater significance in its rich flavonoids and enzymes, nutrients and sub groups . It is important to know what your body is lacking more of and how balancing your intake plays a major part in the energy you accumulate in your everyday lifestyle.  

Fresh Organic Produce made available in our plant  powered cafe  . 

(We offer complimentary apples for guests and children. )

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